Taking Care of your Helmet

Always store your helmet in a cool, dry and dark place do not expose it to heat or solvent because it will progressively deteriorate some of the helmet component with time. Proper maintenance of your helmet will result in longer wear. Always clean your helmet carefully never use harsh substance as these can seriously damage the painted surface and weaken its ability to protect.

The recommended way to clean the helmet is to use mild soap in warm water and a soft cloth. Dampen the cloth on the helmet and gently wipe the outer surface. Rinse with wet cloth and allow drying at room temperature. Never expose your helmet to direct heat such as blow drier. The paint finish on the helmet is fairly resistant but can scratch, chip or crack when dropped or knocked against something hard. Proper treatment will ensure a remarkable shine for years. Automobile paste or cream type wax can be used on painted surfaces only, to enhance their shine.

Some helmets are equipped with a removable comfort liner to allow periodical washing. Pull the liner out gently. Wash by hand or use machine at delicate cycle. Rinse and hang to dry at room temperature. Some helmets are equipped with a shield to protect the eyes against excessive wind, bugs or flying debris. The shield is made of an impact resistant material that can be fairly easy to scratch. Treat your shield as if it was a pair of prescription glasses. Too many hairline scratches can blind you when encountering another vehicles at night. Change your shield when this occurs.

Avoid wiping with paper or anything abrasive. Normally to clean your shield, mild soap and warm water will do the job. It is recommended to apply (with your finger and not by spray) silicone lubricant on the shield's, ratchet system and the rubber edge trim around the view point to ensure smooth operation when opening and closing the shield.