Full Face Helmet Models

Cruiser riders generally enjoy the breezy style in the Full Face helmet. This is a minimalist helmet for the casual rider.

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There is actually a lot of information out there about what your color choices say about your driving personality.

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Variety of Graphic Stickers available in combination of Colors. Selection is depending on your choice.

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About Full Face Helmets

Why to select Half Face Helmets?

The main benefit of the full face helmet is the additional facial protection the chin bar will provide in an accident, which it has been shown is the main area of impact in 35 percent of all motorcycle accidents. It also provides protection of the face and eyes from debris while riding. The full face helmet will reduce wind noise while riding, though some people dislike the general noise reduction and feeling of isolation that comes along with that. Higher end options can include intercoms for communication with passengers on longer rides. Many models will include air vents, though a full face helmet will still usually be a little hot inside. Again, the full face helmet will provide the best protection in an accident, which motivates many people to choose the full face type in spite of the minor discomforts associated with the extra coverage.

It's important to try on the helmet to be sure of a good fit, not too tight, but with minimal slippage. It should fit snugly with the chin strap in place, and the chip strap must be used at all times for the helmet to be effective. It's also important to check that the helmet has an acceptable DOT or Snell rating for impact absorption. DOT and Snell have different standards, but either is trustworthy in a crash. It is advisable not to bother to purchase a helmet does not conform at least one of these safety standards, unless the primary use of the helmet will be cosmetic. Different standards are used in European countries, but all will have a safety standard for motorcycle helmets.