Characteristics of Moto Cross Helmet

  • Moto Cross helmet
  • Easy Removable & washable interior
  • Comes with smoke visor with easy removal
  • Removable cheek pads with optional sized cheek pads.
  • 7/12 air ventilator 1/3 on jaw 2/5 on top and 4 on back for smooth air flow in intake and exhaust
  • Chin strap with buckle closure retention system

TX-13 is a Motor Cross Helmet

In this category, we have Tx-13, Tx-26, Tx-27 etc. It is made of ABS shell & DOT approved. It comes with easy removable & washable interior. It features light weight & Aerodynamic shape, Chin strap with D-ring and buckles closure retention system, visor & protection goggle with easy tool-less removal, removable cheek pads with optional sized cheek pads & air ventilator for the smooth airflow of intake and exhaust heek pads.